Photo:Amanda Lindgren

Life-affirming, dramatic and emotional are some of the words that have earned Sirocco a reputation as one of the most exciting new groups on the Swedish world music scene today.

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“It has taken Sirocco eight years to record a sequel to the debut “Amirim”. But it has been worth all the waiting.”  🌟🌟🌟🌟

Magnus Säll, Dagens Nyheter



Rasmus Klockljung, Lira Music Magazine.


“..What an album it is!” 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mari Koppinen, Helsingin Sanomat


Sirocco’s music stems from the broad range of Jewish music traditions, with songs in Yiddisch, Ladino, Hebrew and Arabic. Sirocco give a new spark to these ancient songs, flavoring them with their own unique sound inspired by South American folk music, Nordic folk music and flamenco.


“We want to create links between past and present, between different places and different cultures. Many of the songs we play are written in diaspora, and are a result of the meeting with a new land and a new culture. Some songs are written over a thousand years ago in Andalusia, then called Al Andalus, in the Arabic golden age, when Muslims, Jews and Christians lived side by side for hundreds of years. Other songs are written in Yiddish in the United States around the turn of the last century, where millions of Jews were forced to flee from pogroms in Russia and Ukraine, and the songs are often about the difficulties of coping in a new country. We also play traditional songs in Ladino – the language that the Sephardic Jews brought from Andalusia to Greece and Turkey. The story we want to tell through our music is in many ways a reflection of our time and the migrations that take place today.”


In 2022 their second album was released, El Faro – that means lighthouse in Spanish. The sea is a theme which runs throughout the album.


Sirocco’s debut album Amirim was produced in cooperation with Israeli musician and Grammy nominee Yair Dalal and was released in november 2014.